BodyBlendz / Campaign

Campaign Photography and Video production for Bodyblendz latest beauty product launch.

Body Blendz and Lips Creative put their heads together for the creative launch of the trusted beauty brand’s new eye masks and oil lotion.

With a forward-thinking mindset, they dreamed up a campaign to reposition the well-known brand, challenging unrealistic expectations of beauty while still appealing to the established base of conscious customers.
The campaign was designed to broaden the brand’s appeal, daringly styled with a dark, romantic, glamourous spin, while keeping to the core values: natural, organic, real.

Lensed by fashion and fine art photographer, Christopher Polack, photography stills and video footage from the campaign were utilised across all Bodyblendz' social platforms, website and internal marketing EDMs.

‘Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.’ - Body Blendz

The Client
Our products are the foundation for looking and feeling your best. We put a lot of love into what we make so that you can absolutely love what you see.

That means using only the highest quality ‘super’ ingredients that are rooted in nature, with a little bit of science blended in. Nothing fake. Nothing nasty.  Because that’s just not who we are. And neither are you.